Available in Axiom, Stolz, Hasta, Vintage, Sock or any other custom design.


Weight 90°: 980g
Weight 60°: 888g
Meets all NHL standards


Starke/Stolz/Axiom/ Vintage (Jenpro):
90°: 485 $CAD  /   60°: 515 $CAD

Vintage (Real leather):
90°: 515 $CAD  /  60°: 565 $CAD

The options

Gloves are made custom with the below options.

60 vs. 90 Degree
60 vs. 90 Degree

60 vs. 90 Degree

Two closure angle options: the 60-degree glove is more of a "baseball style" catch glove that has a full hand closure (fingers and thumb) whereas the 90-degree glove is a more finger-driven closure.

Internal glove straps
Internal glove straps

Internal glove straps

Inside the trapper the hand is held in place by 5 different straps: over the back of the fingers, over the back of the hand, at the wrist, the thumb, the ring and the pinky fingers.

Single or double T-trap
Single or double T-trap

Single or double T-trap

Both single and double T-trap styles are available. The double T-trap allows for more lace surface area helping with puck retention and gives a more feel during play.  The single T-trap meets the needs of goalies who want a more traditional aesthetic.  

Palm Thickness
Palm Thickness

Palm Thickness

A foam section completely covers the surface of the hand inside the glove to protect from puck market. The thickness of the foam varies according to personal tastes; clients choose between thin foam, standard, pro or practice.

The practice palm is the thickest and least flexible; It is designed to cushion the repeated impacts received during training.  In contrast, thin is ideal for dek/ball hockey.


There is two way to oversize your catcher, you can either increase the perimeter or the dept of the t-trap. You can play around 1'' to 2'' for each area, combine with the skate lace this options this is really a game changer.

T-trap upper perimeter
T-trap upper perimeter

T-trap upper perimeter

The stiffness built into the upper perimeter of the T-trap minimizes any bending or sagging inwards during catching and also helps extend wear.

Cuir véritable
Cuir véritable

Genuine Leather

Nothing is like genuine leather, the feel, the touch and the odor, nothing is comparable to it. Also, it procure a awesome flexibility to the gear that can't be reach with any other material. Obviously, the real leather need more care then the regular material, approximately one wax per month depending of the use. 

*This options is additional charge


Perpetually on the lookout for the latest technologies, Passau is constantly striving to improve its products.

Hand Molded

All our gloves are hand molded before leaving which makes them pretty much game ready when they came in. For customer who want there glove to be game ready, feel free to ask when ordering, the option is available for minimal fees. 


The one piece wrist strap offers comfort while keeping the hand well anchored in the glove.

Hand molding

Each trapper is broken in and molded by hand to ensure that the equipment may be used immediately upon reception.

Personalized service

Passau Hockey has been a designer of high-end goalie equipment for over 25 years. Our goal: to meet the technical and practical needs of each one of our clients! Build your equipment in 4 easy steps.

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