Disponibles dans les modèles Axiom, Stolz, Hasta, Vintage, Socks ou tout autre design sur mesure.


Weight 60°: 700g


Intermediate Axiom 60°: 260 $CAD


The options

Il est possible de personnaliser entièrement notre gant grâce aux options de fabrication suivantes.

Skate vs Nylon Lace
Skate vs Nylon Lace

T-trap lacing

The t-trap come with a regular nylon lace but is availble with skate lace in options. Adding a skate lace pocket is very good for puck rebound. The cotton lace is soft and keep is softness over time compare to the nylon lace that may shrink over time and become very stiff. 

*This options is not includ in the base price.


Passau travaille constamment à l’amélioration de ses produits et est à l’affût des toutes dernières technologies.


Hand molding

Each trapper is broken in and molded by hand to ensure that the equipment may be used immediately upon reception.

Personalized service

Passau Hockey has been a designer of high-end goalie equipment for over 25 years. Our goal: to meet the technical and practical needs of each one of our clients! Build your equipment in 4 easy steps.

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