Available in Starke, Axiom, Stolz, Vintage, or any other custom design.


Weight: 870g
Meets all NHL standards


Stolz/Axiom/Vintage/Starke (Jenpro): 425$ CAD

Vintage (Real leather): 475$ CAD

The options

It is possible to fully customize our blocker with the following options.



Two hand sizes are available. The intermediate size is made to fit smaller hands while the senior is a full size for adults.



Real leather
Real leather

Real leather

Nothing is like genuine leather, the feel, the touch and the odor, nothing is comparable to it. Also, it procure a awesome flexibility to the gear that can't be reach with any other material. Obviously, the real leather need more care then the regular material, approximately one wax per month depending of the use.

*This options is additional charge

The Technology

Passau is constantly working on improving its products and is on the lookout for the latest technologies.

Balance and Internal Glove

The Passau blocker is well balanced, thanks to the central positioning of the hand on the blocker board. This design ensures superior balance and control. The blocker's internal glove is very mobile and comfortable. The palm is entirely doubled, ensuring the longest possible lifetime for this high-wear area. The internal glove may also be replaced once wear has become excessive.


In order to increase dexterity, the thumb and wrist protection has been separated. This feature allows improved stickhandling and control when venturing out of the crease.

Personalized service

Passau Hockey has been a designer of high-end goalie equipment for over 25 years. Our goal: to meet the technical and practical needs of each one of our clients! Build your equipment in 4 easy steps.

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