Weight: 980g
Meets all NHL standards


T-trap upper perimeter

The stiffness built into the upper perimeter of the T-trap minimizes any bending or sagging inwards during catching and also helps extend wear.

Hand molding

Each trapper is broken in and molded by hand to ensure that the equipment may be used immediately upon reception.

Internal glove straps

Inside the trapper the hand is held in place by 5 different straps: over the back of the fingers, over the back of the hand, at the wrist, the thumb, the ring and the pinky fingers.


The 90° glove angle fits perfectly with the aggressive style practiced in today's game. The angle conforms perfectly to the shape of the hand and allows the glove to be oriented slightly upwards.

Price (Cad)


90 degree: 415$
60 degree: 465$

Vintage (Jenpro)

90 degree: 415$
60 degee: 465$

Vintage (Real leather)

90 degree: 465$
60 degree: 515$



Thanks to the design template on our website, it is now possible to apply your own color combinations to the Hasta 90 and Stolz models. Don't hesitate to check with the representative for your region, as some color options may not be available for viewing online.


Thickness and depth

A reinforced practice trapper may be ordered, one which is substantially built up to provide maximum protection from shots. It is also possible to increase or decrease the T-trap depth according to your preference.

Single or double T-trap

Both single and double T-trap styles are available. The double T-trap allows a more ample webbing setup to be used, giving additional feel during play . The single T-trap meets the needs of more traditional minded goalies.