Weight: 2.25kg/pad
Meets all NHL standards


15 degree foot section

For several years we have incorporated a 15 degree angle to the interior foot section of the pad. This angle brings the skate blade lower and closer to the ice during lateral pushes and eliminates the hip discomfort or injury caused by the foot being twisted upwards.


The straps at the skate section of the pad are positioned on either side of the foot to offer goalies a more direct response.

Sliding Surface

In order to reduce friction during slides as well as prevent premature wear, we have eliminated or kept stitching, graphics and/or the use of nylon insertions on the inside surface of the pad to a strict minimum.

Knee cradle

Passau's knee cradle employs a very simple design. We do not use any material that could hinder the knee in its transition from a frontal load to a lateral load. This effectively increases the ease and quickness with which the butterfly position may be executed. For more sensitive knees, a softer density foam block may be added to the inside of the pad.

Knee or hip problems?

For sensitive knees, we offer a low density knee support to prevent injury and maximize comfort.  Thicker padding can also be added to the knee cradle so that the knee sits higher off the ice when in the butterfly position, noticeably minimizing stress on the hip joint and increasing the vertical coverage possible with the upper torso.

Price (Cad)



Vintage (Jenpro)


Vintage (Real leather)




Thanks to our online design template, desired colors can be directly applied for viewing on both the Stolz and Hasta 90 models. Check with the representative for your region; some color options may not be available for use with the online viewer.



The flexibility in our pads can be adjusted at four different points. Each of these points can be tailored to one of three density levels: maximum flex, standard and rigid. In order to ensure the correct choice of flex, it is critical to inform the representative of your preferences and style of play.

Outer Roll

The break points applied to the outer rolls directly determine the level of flexibility desired. They permit the goalie to accentuate or reduce the level of interior flex.


Depending on the goalie's style and/or flexibility, the curve profile chosen for the pad can allow a less flexible goalie to more easily close the five-hole in the butterfly position.

Boot section angle

The boot section angle is available in four different widths: standard, square, 1/2" taper and 1" taper. This option can be particularly advantageous for smaller size pads or for goalies with a very wide basic stance.


Available sizes run from 30" to 38" inclusive. Additional inches can be added at no extra cost, provided that the finished pad does not exceed legal limits.


Two widths are available, 10"1/2 et 11". It may be advantageous to slightly reduce the width of a 30" pad, in order to better accommodate goalies who are younger or physically less developed.

Strapping options

The positioning of the top pad straps can be modified. The normal option is at the calf, although the straps may also be positioned at the knee or even at both points.