Goalie Stick


Passau Hockey offers a range of sticks that are entirely made to measure. A minimum quantity of 3 sticks is required for custom orders. Manufacturing and shipping time is 6 to 8 weeks. It is also possible to purchase single sticks from our online boutique. 

Blade curve, shape and stiffness

We have several curves in stock, but we can also reproduce your exact curve if you send us one of your current sticks. The same applies to the blade shape (more rounded or more square) and blade stiffness (softer or stiffer).

Price (Cad)

Foam core

110$/u. (stock) Wood Shaft

115$/u. (3u. min.) Wood Shaft

110$/u. (6u. min.) Wood Shaft

140$/u. (stock) Composite Shaft

150$/u. (3u. min.) Composite Shaft

140$/u. (6u. min.) Composite Shaft


Laminated shaft

Passau Hockey's shafts use an aspen core that is very good at absorbing vibrations.  Each side of the blade has a layer of glass and carbon fiber. This combination increases the durability and stiffness of the shaft. An anti-slip grip is also available.

Wood shaft

Our wood shafts are made using an aspen core and multiple layers of birch reinforcement. It offers well calibrated flexibility and impressive comfort.

Bouteille et palette (Paddle and blade)

Polyurethane core
The injected polyurethan paddle and blade is a very good compromise between durability and comfort. The polyurethane is strengthened  by adding carbon fiber all the way to the bottom of the blade. By combining polyurethane and carbon fiber, we can create a durable stick that is also able to absorb vibration.   

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