Weight: 2.55kg
Meets all NHL standards



Any discussion of protection must take into account mobility as well. The products currently on the market often force us to choose one or the other. We at Passau have worked hard to balance these two variables and have produced a result that offers superior protection without sacrificing ease of movement.


Arms: The arm sections are adjustable at six points evenly located from the forearm to the bicep. These adjustment points offer the advantage of maintaining the elbow in its proper place, even as the unit incurs wear.

Shoulders: At the shoulder area, anchor points at two different levels allow the width of the V opening to be adjusted further towards the inside or outside of the body axis.

Torso: Velcro fasteners have been used for the waist/torso attachments. This type of system gives greater latitude for adjustment, particularly in terms of height. Furthermore, this solution ensures a satisfactory fit for goalies who wear their chest protector both inside or outside their pants. Note that whereas velcro fasteners do wear out, they are inexpensive to replace when compared to plastic buckles.

Neck: When trying your Passau chest protector for the first time, it is recommended that a mirror be used when adjusting the neck height. The adjustment is simple and only takes a few seconds, but can make all the difference in terms of comfort and protection.


Arms: The arm sections of the Passau chest unit offer a wide range of movement from the first hours of play. The joints and flex points are well covered without being a restraint to movement.

Torso: A minimum of four layers are used to ensure the goalie's protection. All protection is well articulated thanks to the positioning of multiple foam blocks.

Price (Cad)

Royal blue/White/Black


Custom colors




The Passau chest-arm protector is currently available in white, black or blue. Custom or team colors can also be ordered. Please contact us for more details.


Sizes range from X-small to double XL. To optimize the chest protector's fit and comfort, we offer the option of choosing different sized arm and torso sections.