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Passau Hockey has been a designer of high-end goalie equipment for over 25 years. Our goal: to meet the technical and practical needs of each one of our clients with unmatched personal service.  Take advantage of our offer!

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News and events

New 60 Degree Catch Glove

Our 60-degree catcher was designed with three basic things in mind: First, we
wanted to make the break feel natural and ensure there was no hand slippage
inside the palm. Second, we made sure the shape of the palm drove pucks to the
pocket. And lastly, we worked on making the lightest glove possible. Thanks to
our design, this glove comes in at 888 grams (less than two pounds), by far the
most lightweight glove we have ever made and easily one of the lightest on the
market. We are very proud to add this product to our line. 

See announcement here.

Online Store

Several of our products are available for web purchase: Custom sticks, chest protectors, clothes and accessories. Custom orders. Quick delivery to domestic and international customers.


Sliding surface

Knee protector for goalie coach

Passau's new knee protector has been designed especially to meet the needs of goalie coaches.  Its internal ...

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Stable 26 Socks

No matter how well your footwear fits, gaps affect function. Stable 26 footgear delivers a new level of connetion ...

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