It will be a pleasure to answer you questions by phone at 450.658.7587 and by mail at:


How do I become a representative with Passau?
We accept resumes at the following address: info@passauhockey.com

Will Passau sponsor me?
Passau Hockey currently does not have a program to sponsor goalies.

Is the equipment made in Canada?
Yes, currently all of our products are made in Canada and our goal is to maintain that policy as long as possible, with the greatest range of products possible.

Is it possible for Passau to copy a piece of equipment?
While it is not our policy to copy our competitors products, it is possible to discuss your criteria and playing style to create a piece of equipment that best meets your needs.

If I buy a full set, can I get a discount?
We do not offer a discount when buying a full set. Our products are among the least expensive on the pro-quality market and are not negociable. We want to be fair with each client.

Is is possible to order from overseas? 
Yes, absolutely. Our products are sold worldwide.