Material needed:

• Measuring tape (preferably cloth type rather than metal)
• A friend to help take measurements


Step 1:

Remove your shoes and stand facing the person who will measure you

Step 2:

Have your friend place the measuring tape with one end touching the floor right beside the arch of your foot.

Step 3:

Take measurement A from the floor to the centre of the kneecap. If possible, place a hand against the top of the knee to keep the leg stable.

Step 4:

For measurement B above the knee: start at the centre of the kneecap and go up to the point on the thigh where you would like the pads to reach.
Reference points:
• A tall pad usually ends above the crotch
• A normal pad ends at the crotch
• A short pad usually ends below the crotch

Step 5:

Select the corresponding sizes in the above boxes and note the Suggested size.
Note: To ensure that the suggested size actually corresponds to your needs, it is suggested that you confirm your measurements with a technician by phone or internet