Material needed

• Measuring tape (preferably cloth type rather than metal)
• A friend to help measuring

Suggested size 

X-Small : 5'0" à 5'2"
Small : 5'3" à 5'5"
Medium : 5'6" à 5'8"
Large : 5'9" à 5'11"
X-large : 6'0" à 6'2"
XX-large : 6'3" à 6'5"


Passau Hockey Chest protectors are custom made to order, so we invite you to take the following three measurements to determine your correct size. Simply consult the following instructions.

Step 1

You should be standing up, arms at your sides and back facing the person who will help measure you.

Step 2

Take measurement A, which is the width of your shoulders.

Step 3

For measurement B, it is important to stay straight with your arms slightly bent, as you would have them when in your basic stance.

Step 4

Have your friend place the measuring tape on your shoulder, at the same point as in measurement A, and continue down your arm to your wrist.

Step 5

After having selected your sizing from the above chart, note the suggested torso size.

Step 6

Place the end of the tape under your throat at the spot where you would like the protection to start. If the length suggested is appropriate for you, there should be no discrepancy in the size of your chest protector. It is recommended that you wear your goalie pants to ensure that you choose the correct measurement for the length of the torso.

Note: In order to ensure that you correctly choose the size that will best meet your needs, it is possible that a technician may contact you at the time of your on-line order