For a period of almost 500 years up until the Renaissance, the town of Passau was one of the most prolific centres of sword and weapons manufacture in Germany. Passau blacksmiths emblazoned their blades with the symbol of a running wolf, a mark which eventually grew in stature to take on mythical proportions. Passau swords and armour came to be known for such high quality that superstitious warriors believed them to confer invulnerability on the bearer.

Today, Passau Goalie equipment rekindles these values, building premium goalie equipment.

Services and Accomplishments

For over 30 years Alain Beaudry, owner and director of Passau Hockey, has worked in the field of goalie equipment design and manufacture.

Over the years his company has collaborated with several distributors and consequently, with a number of accomplished professional goalies.

Distributeurs          Joueurs
Bourdon                   Ken Dryden / Brian Hayward / ...
Bayard                     Vladislav Tretiak / Philipe Myre / ...
Ferland                    André Racicot / ...

and many more...

Current Consultants

Stéphane Waite (goaltending coach for the Montreal Canadiens)
Kim St-Pierre (3-time Olympic Gold Medalist)
Stéphane Ménard (Professional goaltending coach)